Robot Moon • Linmiao Xu



Hi, I'm Lin. I worked as a software engineer in the bay area for several years. This page lists some of my side projects related to gaming, art, and tech.

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Blitz tactics
a website for playing fast-paced chess puzzles


Cellular automata
interactive animations of simple computing rules with complex behaviors
SSH tunnels
examples of SSH commands for forwarding TCP traffic between clients and hosts
xterm 256 colors
a reference for using xterm color codes in text terminals


Bash prompt generator
easily customize bash prompt colors in your text terminal
Art finder
a gallery of top image posts from some art subreddits

Early works

Burning ship fractal
exploring a fractal equation similar to the Mandelbrot set

Some past projects

Meta legend
was a tool for studying Hearthstone games played by top players
HS replay finder
organized Hearthstone game replays in one place
Dark squares
was a web app for sharing and annotating chess games
The traveler
travels the web forever, collecting favicons
Chess fork
a simple chess game analysis interface
Rings vs blings
a mini-game for practicing Starcraft 2 marine vs. baneling micro
Chess me now
was a web app that let you share a link to start chess games
Zombeat defense
a hackathon mini-game where enemies get stronger with each beat
YC list
a list of companies funded by Y Combinator